This isn’t a bikini challenge or a weight loss program, this is so much more...

Rocking Fit Membership


This isn’t a bikini challenge or a weight loss program! Rocking Fit is 12 Weeks of Practical Holistic Training Advice, Workout Programs and Mentoring to Rock Your Wellness Goals! You’re not just going to look good, you’re to feel good — from the inside out. Join us!


Join a Community of Rocking Fit Women on a 12 Week Holistic Journey to Health, Wellness & Empowerment with an intensive mindset, training & wellness program.


12 Weeks of Practical Holistic Training Advice, Workout Programs and Mentoring to Rock Your Wellness Goals, including:
  • 12 Weeks of Rocking Fit Workout Videos with unique programs designed especially for women
  • 12 Weeks of Mindset Coaching Videos supporting you to create change from the inside out
  • Rocking Fit Mindset Workbook (digital version)
  • Rocking Fit Food Guide (digital version)


A Whole New Way to View Your Health & Wellness
  • The Mind Body Connection: How Your Thoughts Affect Your Body
  • Creating Healthy Habits: Success Lies In Your Daily Routine
  • Creating a 12 Week Training Plan That Works
  • How To Use Food To Reach Your Fitness Goals
  • The Cause Of Self-Sabotage & How To Overcome It
  • Knowing Your Why: The Power Behind Achieving Your Fitness Goals
  • The Truth About Cellulite & Body Fat
  • Motivation: 10 Tricks For Staying On Track
  • Fitness Model Secrets: Super Sleuth Tricks For Rapid Results
  • Anti-Aging Secrets for Staying Slim, Tight and Toned


It’s Not Only About How You’ll Look But How You Will Feel!
  • Fit, Toned & Healthy
  • Empowered To Make Positive Changes
  • Determined, Confident And Energised
  • More Knowledgeable About Diet, Exercise & Fitness
  • Grounded, Grateful And In Flow
  • Motivated To Achieve Your Goals
  • Connected To Your Inner Wisdom & Knowing
  • More Courage To Face Challenges In Your Life
  • Happier, Healthier, Hotter!
A rocking fit body starts with a rocking fit mind. Healthy thinking creates healthy behaviours and our behaviours determine our results. The difference between the body you have and the body you want is simply the choices you make. This isn’t a bikini challenge or a weight loss program! You don’t need another one of those because you don’t just want to just look good, you want to feel good from the inside out. This is 12 week Online Journey to Wholeness, Wellness & Happiness including amazing workouts with your rocking fit trainers, mindset coaching to educate you and motivate you to achieve your goals and 12 weeks of wellness inspiration to support you in a total body, mind, spirit transformation. When you feel good on the inside, you’ll automatically make all the best choices for your health and wellness. Join me, and our many rocking fit coaches, for this unique online experience. Because you deserve to live a ROCKING FIT life! Our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee We are so confident you will love our 12-week holistic program that we offer a 14-day money back guarantee on our digital membership. If you don’t love our program for any reason you can simply email our member services letting us know and we’ll refund your money immediately — no questions asked!