Rocking Fit is a Holistic Online Training Program Designed to Coach and Inspire You to Transform Your Entire Being in Just 12 Weeks.

OUR PROMISE What You'll Get

12 Weeks of Practical Holistic Training Advice, Workout Programs and Mentoring to Rock Your Wellness Goals!

  • 12 Weeks of Workouts, including unique training programs designed especially for you
  • 12 Weeks of Mindset Coaching supporting you to create change from the inside out
  • Conscious Ink Manifestation Temporary Tattoos (incl. in the Starter Kit)
  • Rocking Fit Essential Food Guide (incl. in the Starter Kit)
  • Rocking Fit Mindset Workbook (incl. in the Starter Kit)
  • Shake It® Water Bottle (Sold out in some locations)
  • Daily Training Journal to record your fitness journey (Sold Separately)
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What You'll Learn

A Whole New Way to View Your Health & Wellness

  • Mind Body Connection: How Your Thoughts Affect Your Body
  • Creating Healthy Habits: Success Lies In Your Daily Routine
  • Creating a 12 Week Training Plan That Works
  • How To Use Food To Reach Your Fitness Goals
  • The Cause Of Self-Sabotage & How To Overcome It
  • Knowing Your Why: The Power Behind Goal Achievement
  • The Truth About Cellulite & What You Can Do About It
  • Motivation: How to Stay On Track & Finish Strong
  • Fitness Model Secrets: Super Sleuth Tricks For Rapid Results
  • Anti-Aging Secrets for Staying Slim, Tight and Toned
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How You'll Feel

It's Not Only About How You'll Look But How You Will Feel!

  • Fit, Toned & Healthy
  • Empowered To Make Positive Changes
  • Determined, Confident And Energised
  • More Knowledgeable About Diet, Exercise & Fitness
  • Grounded, Grateful And In Flow
  • Motivated To Achieve Your Goals
  • Connected To Your Inner Wisdom & Knowing
  • More Courage To Face Challenges In Your Life
  • Happy, Healthy & Confident
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This isn’t a bikini challenge and it’s not a weight loss program. You don’t need another one of those because you don’t just want to just look good, you want to feel good from the inside out. Author and Personal Growth Expert, Lyndelle Palmer Clarke, brings her unique experience to Rocking Fit. As the founder of Dailygreatness a global personal development and wellness brand, Lyndelle and the Rocking Fit Trainers are ready to coach and inspire you to transform your body – starting from the inside out.


“ I love my mindset and how I feel after Rocking Fit. I’m in a better place regarding my self-esteem and I love the progress I have made with the workouts. ”

Maria T.

“ It’s like someone has been holding my hand, helping me to find and stay on the path towards maximum health. ”

Victoria V.

“ Rocking Fit has made me more conscious about my body and mind, what is important in my life and what my main goals are. I have also challenged myself with hard ass workout sessions like never before! ”

Catherine L.

“ I love Rocking Fit and its daily routine which keeps reminding me to take care of myself. ”

Jenny H.

“ Rocking Fit has helped me get back on track with my training as well as changed my way of seeing things. You not only get fit but you also get more down to earth in the process – you learn that you need to put your health and yourself first. ”

Charlotte B.

“ I love the holistic approach. The techniques you learn you can apply on all parts of life, whatever your goal is. And you really understand how the body mind and spirit work together. ”

Lina M.

“ Since I’ve started this adventure I have put down my desires, goals and fears on paper. Now I have a plan on what to do to get where I want to be. I am present, I am power, I am passion! ”

Anki D.

“ Rocking Fit has helped me stop thinking I will start tomorrow. Now I do it today. When I get lost and off track, instead of thinking it’s ruined or that it is too late, I just get back on and start over again. ”

Heidi N.

“ The Rocking Fit Concept has helped me to, for the first time in my life, feel comfortable in my own skin. I’ve grown physically stronger and my mindset is totally different than before my Rocking Fit journey. I love the holistic philosophy of finding your best potential from the inside and out. ”

Nina R.

“ With the concept of Rocking Fit I used myself, my brain and my body to reach my best and most endurable potential – mind-and body-wise. No single class training, self-help book or psychologist would have done that better. ”

Anna K.

14-day money back guarantee, if you don't love it, we'll refund your digital membership - no questions asked!